A small-owned painting business that has been serving the North Jersey area since 1994. 

In 1992, Andy Bialy, a third generation craftsman from Poland, emigrated to the United States to seek freedom and opportunity. While living in the Northern New Jersey area, he noticed the quality of local contractor’s work was below his standards. In 1994, he established Bialy’s Painting Service to practice his masterful European craftsmanship in his community.

Our mission is to provide homeowners and businesses in Northern New Jersey with the highest quality painting and carpentry services in the region. We gain knowledge of the most cutting-edge techniques and utilize best-in-class products on the market. We tailor our process to cause the least disruption possible of the day-to-day activities of your home or business.

In the last 20 years we have seen significant changes in the painting and construction industries. While the techniques and materials may change, our desire and commitment to get you the best possible result will not. 

"It is not just the painting, it is the service." 

- Andy Bialy